I aSk YoU tO TrY

oUt oF dIfFiCuLtiEs , mAkEs MiRacLes

aBoUt LiFe

The most important things to do in the world are to get something to eat, something to drink and somebody to love you.


A friend is never a coincidence in your life, they are meant to enter your life to share the sadness and to bring you joy and laughter

Salted Egg Fish Fillet

Salted Egg Fish Fillet.... home made

Salted egg - 4 nos
Chili padi - 10 nos
Fresh Fish Fillet - 600 gm
Planta - 2 spoon
Curry Leaf - 20-30 leafs.

 Boiled the salted egg until is done then only take the Egg Yolk (yellow color) and use spoon to make it into small pieces.

 Fresh fish is the best choice and this time I use Ebek fish and cut into fillet then you need to mix it with 2 spoon of cooking oil and deep fried flour. Mix it with some water and make sure not too many water and the flour must be sticky and not too watery.

 Before you fried, please make sure the cooking oil is hot enough before you put in the fish fillet. Do not cook till it turns dark brown color. Once it turns to light brown then you have to ready to take the fish fillet out from the wok. 

 After all the fish fillet is ready then you put it aside then now is the final part.

Put 2 spoon of planta then add in curry leafs and chilipadi then cook for awhile then add in the fried fish fillet and lastly the salted egg yolk. Fried for 5 minutes and now it is ready.

 Salted Egg Fish Fillet. If you want more spicy then add in more chili padi.

Shapa Shapa Shabu

Shapa Shapa Shabu
151, Jalan Radin Bagus,
Taman Sri Petaling,
WP Kuala Lumpur 57000

Shapa-Shapa Steamboat is well known for it's combination of Japanese, Chinese and Taiwanese Style Steamboat! Shapa-Shapa Shabu does not only cater various styles of steamboat, they also serves a range of fresh meats like Seafood, Lamb, Chicken, Beef and Pork.

Choice of soups you can choose from:
Chinese herbal
Tom yam
Pork bone
Black pepper

This is all the menu.

You can choose the set or ala carte.

They have alot of of sauce you can choose from or you can mix the sauce yourself.  They also got their own mixing sauce. Not bad also.

Pork belly slices

 Shapa-Shapa steamboat is also very well known for it's special way of cooking their meat. Here are the steps.


 Meat Ball

 Fried Cheese stick. Must order this.

 Fried Dumpling.


Overall the food was great especially the meat ball, dumpling they do it when you order and the food is very fresh.

Operating Hour Daily : 06:00pm - 12:00am

Abalone Koay Teow

Restoran Chuan Xin
2,Hang Tuah 26
Skudai Baru

It is easy to find this Restoran. It located on the opposite site of Crystal Crown Hotel along all the shoplot.

This shop serve the best Abalone Koay Teow. Few choices of noodles for you to choose : koay teow, mee, lou shu fan, rice & meehoon.

When I reach there I thought this gonna be very expensive but when I saw the menu, the price is very reasonable and worth it.
Small: RM 6.00
Medium: RM 9.00
Big: RM 11.00
The different between small to big is the add on and not the portion of the noodles. Me and Sam order the big one cause we saw the Fish Maw ( Yu piu) and we love it so much.

The waiter recommend us to try the dry type (kan lau) and it comes with the soup and is highly recommend. Since I like the kan lau then oklah.

I order koay teow + mee and Sam order koay teow. Once the food is serve, I can see there are plenty of add on in the soup.
Abalone slice - 2pcs
Prawn - 1pc
Razor clam - 2pc
Sea asparagus - 1pc
Fish maw - 1pc
Slice meat - 4-5pcs
Oyster - 2pcs
Pig stomach - 2pcs
Pig liver - 2pcs
Lettuces - 2pcs.

Soup was awesome as you know there are so many add on and it makes the soup very tasty. Dry noodles the main ingredients is the sauce they use. They using the best dark sauce and serve with some chu yau cha.. Oh... Please try if you happen to be at Johor.

Bali Trip 2011

This is my first trip to Bali and this trip we went is for our company
Annual Manager's Conference 2011.

During Annual Manager's Conference, all the managers will have to attend for the conference and the venue will be select base on the company profit.This year we did a good job and we go bali for the manager's conference or else we going to only enjoy bali ais at kedai kopi.

All the managers from whole Malaysia meet up at the airport. We printed t-shirt for this trip as this is the best time to do some awareness to the public for branding.

There are 40 person of us and we waited at the airport for 2 hours and finally its time for boarding.
As for company trip, it is best to travel into 2 or 3 separate group and different flight. why le?? Tai ka lei si (touch wood) if the plane crash, the whole company may collapse as all the key man and management staff is onboard.

When we landed at Denpasar International Airport, Indonesia, we was greet by our CEO & GOM as they arrive one day earlier for the preparation. We travel in group so we get a bus to send us around.

First stop is Uluwatu, Officially known as Pura Luhur Uluwatu (yes, that's the real name: "Luhur" means "something of divine origin" while "Uluwatu" can be broken into "ulu" which means "land's end" and "watu" means "rock" in the old language). Nonetheless, merely mentioning Uluwatu will get you here in no time. This is the most spectacular temple on the island of Bali. The inner sanctum of the pura is perched majestically on the edge of a steep cliff that towers above the legendary surf breaks of southern Bali.

All of us can't stop taking the photo and this is the time that you will see all the managers so relax and enjoy the trip as all the funny funny post come out.

At about 6pm, we proceed for Kecak Dance. What makes the Kecak special is that the accompanying music is provided by the human voice, the gamelan suara, a choir of a hundred men or more sitting in concentric circles, swaying, standing up, lying prone as the story develops.
Amongst the swaying masses the voices of the storytellers can be heard telling the unfolding tale.

After the Kecak Dance, we had our dinner at the beach.Seafood dinner and the food is delicious because we are too hungry or else the food so so only..

After dinner, we check in to our hotel. Kuta Station Hotel & Spa is conveniently located in the heart of Kuta, Bali's busiest tourist destination.

Kuta Station Hotel & Spa is just ten minutes drive from International Airport, surrounded with restaurants and bar, all major tourist attractions and Kuta Square shopping complex. The famous Kuta Beach is just a short stroll away.

Kuta Station Hotel & Spa features 132 well appointed rooms range from Superior, Deluxe and Family Room. All rooms are designed with stylish simplicity to meet your need.

Conference begin at 10:30pm and we can see all the tired and sleepy faces...

Once we reach our hotel, all of us proceed to the conference room as we are late and the conference suppose to start at 8.30pm The time we reach the conference room is about 10.30pm. We got no choice but to speed up our presentation and my presentations is the longest cause I need to present 15 branches account and I was talking like a bullet train. (when my turn to present, I heard some voices says "melvyn, you speed up the presentations ya". Anyhow, I still present it until finish and the only thing I do is speed up my talking...And I tell you the feeling is light running in full speed...hahaha.

Our conference ends at 2am and all of us is so tired and exhausted. Few of us walk to opposite mart to get some bintang beer and we enjoy at the swimming pool.

Day 2 woke up at 7am and the face is like panda bear and I need sunglasses to cover the panda eye...yeeee hiak hiak.

I like the Indonesia brick. It is thinner than the usual we have in malaysia.

Barong & Keris Dance : the most famous and colorful dance in Bali which signifies an eternal fight between good & evil spirits, performed dozens of professional dancers.

The dancer eyes is so big and I didn't see their eyes blink le.

After the show, we was taken to visit the gems factory and i saw this building opposite the road and I just walk over to take some photo. This Angel to Angel. The exterior of the building is pink coral and there are larger than life size statues carved from polished marble around the perimeter of the building and along the roofline

Stone design of the wall.

While we travel in the bus, I just snap here and there and end up I got alot of photos...

(Gunung berapi) Volcano... First time see this in real but too sad we cannot walk down there.

Kintamani : said to be the best view in Bali over a magnificent massive crater with smoky Mount Batur in the middle & simmering Lake Batur nearby.

Why my photo not nice geh?

This photo nice leh? I take one ma.

They don't work with their hands and legs but with their head also.

I like this volcano stone. The features is just awesome. They use it to build building and no painting needed as the natural looks is so special.

Pasar Ubud. there are many souvenir shops selling local crafts and gifts you can take home with you. There is something you will find here that you can't also find in other areas of Bali but its a nice market.

While others still doing their shopping, we take our rest and have some drinks to cool down our body.

Dinner at Golden Palace Restaurant. This restaurant serve chinese food.

Normal chinese food and nothing to shout about.

Cheerrrsss ... yi cha tong cau (use tea as beer)

Lai ciak ciak ciak.. mai pai seh.

After dinner we did not follow the bus back to hotel as we decided to walk back to hotel so that we can see more things and can just stop anywhere we want.

This is all the pub, bar, disco. Nightlife area.

Rip Curl.. Famous brand for the surfer. I like their logo..

Gosha Restaurant has been established since 1985 when the tourism is not as busy as now. (tips: When got chance to go for outing or travel with my ceo, remember to stick beside him not to polish his shoe but to try the delicious food cause he is the man that got alot of places for nice food). This trip I tried the best spare rib... oh man, I still miss it and I can still remember the taste

This Restaurant was constructed in 1985 when the area around us was nothing but pig walking around, cows hanging around, and the road was mud, just like classic balinese lifestyle-the people live together in harmony with their pets (ducks, dog, cats, pigs at the back yard and cows), that because population 99% are farmers. And also there was not any pedestrian pathway, only palm trees sorounding us.

SPARE RIBS Served with fried potatos or steam rice and vegetables Rp. 75.000. YOU MUST TRY THIS.... I tell you... very ho ciak leh.
If you bring me along then I can BBQ myself for you to try. hahaha....actually I stand there fow 2minutes only and I can feel that my egg almost cooked.

The Restaurant located only 200 meter from Legian beach. At that time traffic at Melasti street (where the restaurant located) was two ways traffic. Since there was not any road connected to the other part of Legian-the beach totally kilo meters of white sand beach without any street divide between hotel. So you can ride and drive your vehicle along the wide sand beach from Kuta beach to Seminyak beach, since there was not any people laying on the beach for sunbathing.

Gosha Restaurant is all constructed by bamboo, consisted of small and big pole of bamboo. The lamp shade and the wall also made by bamboo giving the warm atmosphere which is typical classic balinese style architecture.

info take from Gosha

Surfing anyone? I don't have six packs but I got one big pack can surf ar? Hello man, the surf board can stand my big pack?? nia ma the guy just stood there and don wan to choi me.

On our way back, we stop at the Hard Rock shop and do some shopping.

When we reach our hotel, there goes the bottoms up. Tall glass but when cheers, must bottoms up. Thanks to Boon Leong that keep on bottoms up. hahahaha...We only drink once a year together during our Manager's conference. So we must bottoms up in high speed. hahaha...

I still remember after all of us feel tipsy and some abit drunk then we put all the empty bottle infront of my ceo room.

Saw this funny bike errr.. should say creative bike.

I love natural.

Holy Spring Temple (tampaksiring): in the middle of this beautiful temple, thereis lies a holy spring welling up the ground which believed to possess a magical power to keep you young.

Auntie auntie lai lai and wash your face and hand with this holy water. You will look like every year 28 years old.

Fella Design Group photo.

So yeng but I forget the statue name already.

This is Goa Gajah. I tot got giant gajah but none lo.

After the Manager's conference, you can see all the manager's prays for their respective showroom to get more sales and achieve their target set cause Financial Year 2011 the target increase.

I'm a christian and I seldom pray but I respect everyone's culture, their believe and the most important part, I believe myself and I need to meditate. WHY?? Because I got alot of sin and I just commit another sin as GOD whisper to me, MELVYN!!! why you wear your sunglasses while meditate??... ooOOps...

Saw this nice painting. I'm gonna get one of this when I get my own house.

Visiting temple again.

Teo Jen Jia also start to meditate and as he stand up, the pants all wet from behind cause the grass is wet.

The local prayer things..

This design is famous in Bali.

Ancient Mengwi Royal Family Ayun Temple, the famous Beratan Lake Temple built in 11th Century

Next stop is the Mysterious Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest
Batman.... I never touch before but i ate during my trip to Kuching. Now see the bat I also geli..

Yeeeee.... geli dao.... but match them. hahaha.....

I LOVE BALI ................. The free show onboard of Mr Andy from alor setar. Only underwear and pants don't have I LOVE BALI.

Tanah Lot is a rock formation off the Indonesian island of Bali. It is home of a pilgrimage temple, the Pura Tanah Lot (literally "Tanah Lot temple")

You can walk over to the other side when is low tide.

Nice view but full of tourist.

I don't like the sky cause it makes me feel so down because of the haze.

White statue.

Fruit, fruit, fruit........ for decoration only. Please DO NOT TOUCH!

The last day only we take a walk to the beach. Our itineary is so tight till no time to go beach.

Unbelievable ... believe it or not???

I love myself and I love what I have.hahahaha... I don't need this.Is this size belongs to T-Rex ??

We looking forward for our next Manager's Conference trip.