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The most important things to do in the world are to get something to eat, something to drink and somebody to love you.


A friend is never a coincidence in your life, they are meant to enter your life to share the sadness and to bring you joy and laughter

Bangkok & Pattaya trip 2011

This trip is plan one year ago cause we get cheap air ticket during AirAsia promotion. I go with Teris, Chiu Lin, Jian Hao, Rudy and Teik.

Bangkok, here I come.

Landed at the Subarnabhumi Airport. Firstly we take bus to Pattaya and we book the ticket online http://www.belltravelservice.com/ .
It cost only 200 baht and the journey takes approx 2hours.

When in Thailand, it is good to buy the local prepaid number so that we can use to contact each others cheaper.

After check-in hotel, we go for our lunch. Food anything la. but drinks got to be beers. hahaha...

Our lunch and the dish must order is of course Tom Yam lo..

Thailand famous of??? no need to mention of course is beer, massage & night life.

At Pattaya we went to the Underwater World.
We saw few types of sting ray. The most impressive is the Manta Ray. It can grow very big.

This is a yummy lobster. The lobster dish is famous at seafood restaurant and the price also not cheap.

Free Willy?

Rudy & Teik the first timer to Thailand. They enjoy alot.

Is this PAUL? RIP .....

NEMO... beautiful and cute fish.

All types of prawn can be seen here.

I like to fishing and i love to see the fish swim around. it is so awesome.

Jian Hao checking out the photo shoot.

White Shark... Save the shark and don't consume so many shark fin. hehehe....

Nail Art from 100 baht to 150 baht. If you go Thailand, the currency is very easy to convert and just throw away the last digit and that is the price in RM and the different is only little + and -.

I manage to capture all the Cocktail Car at Pattaya. Their design is so special and the most attractive is their lighting.

This can be found along the roadside.

Only 98 baht. it cost you RM9.80. cheap? of course but don't expect the quality will be good.

Whenever I go travel, I always like to try all the different food.

This trip me & rudy try the fried grasshopper & bee.

How it taste? Wah... sipek geli lo but don't look at the insect when you eat. Just put it in your mouth and the taste is like fried prawn cracker. But if consume too many also abit geli geh. When I try it, teris & chiu lin ask me how it taste and I say, wait wait the grasshopper leg stuck in my teeth and they was... awwwww.. so geli. hahahaha...

Walking street is a place you must go because it is so happening at night and this is the place for the night life.

Taking tuk tuk back to hotel after tired of walking.

Another intresting place is the 7 Eleven at Thailand. You can get alot of different food inside here and is totally different from the 7 Eleven at Malaysia.

The next day we take the bus and proceed to Bangkok. We stay at Baiyoke Boutique Hotel.

The room is nice, clean and modern concept. The hotel location isgood and by walking distance, it takes about 5-10minutes to the Platinium Mall.

I dunno what this call. Pancake with sausage? One pc cost only 10 baht and it takes times to do it. Every customer willing to wait for it. This one ho ciak..

I dunno why i like sausage so much especially the fat and long one. Always caught my attention and I will try it. This one inside is wrap with rice, meat and some vege.

This is my favourite food. Pork Leg Rice. The taste is so delicious because they put the pork, vege, egg and others in a big bowl and cook it then when customer order, they will just dig it out and chop into small pieces and serve with rice.

Live small prawn. Anyone? nobody want to try it. Only me & rudy try and the best part is when you put the prawn inside your mouth, it still alive and keep on jumping. It serve with mango slice and lime and mix it with the live prawn.

Teris choosing the BBQ food. I saw a funny corn and the colour is white and black. I didnt try it cause at the time I was so full.

You like Mango? Then you must visit this Mango Tango. All the menu is made from fesh mango.

Mango pudding, mango ice cream, mango dessert, fresh mango and lots more.

I like the Mango Smooties.

I think Chiu Lin & Jian Hao wanted to become the ambassador of the Mango Tango. You see the colour of their shirt. hahaha....

Went to nearby mall and saw some cute toys but the price is very expensive.

When we shop around, I saw this Heineken Tower promotion at only 480 baht. Oh no... I must go in and try it. I can't believe the price. hahaha... end up one tower free one jug. so cheap.
We did order some dish to go along with the beer.

We visit the Hard Rock shop at Bangkok.
Buy buy buy....

Siam Paragon, Platinium Mall, MBK, Centre Point and many more we shop till leg also cramp.

I like the photo on the left. the angle is just nice.

Last day we saw a huge group of red shirt protest walking along the road and some drive car, bus, bike, tuk tuk and even lorry. We also feel so scary when we saw this but luckily they just walk along the road and no violence.
Hawker food always looks yummy.