I aSk YoU tO TrY

oUt oF dIfFiCuLtiEs , mAkEs MiRacLes

aBoUt LiFe

The most important things to do in the world are to get something to eat, something to drink and somebody to love you.


A friend is never a coincidence in your life, they are meant to enter your life to share the sadness and to bring you joy and laughter

Rung Reang

Jitra Thai Food Rung Reang, the food you must taste when you go Alor Setar.There got few Thai Food restaurant and the best is this Rung Reang and the top menu is Fried Catfish, Kengsom, Green Curry Chicken and Otak-otak...Must try this Rung Reang...

After showroom task, me and my colleagues went to this Rung Reang for dinner.

Jelly coconut..

look so delicious. hello, give me one more jelly coconut for please

our Alor Setar Branch Manager Andy enjoying the jelly coconut


Seafood Otak-Otak

Alot of prawn, fish and squid inside

Char lala

Fried catfish

We going to start our dinner. yummy....

One of my favourite Keng Som. Hot Hot and spicyyyyy

All go silence and enjoying the food but too bad for KC because too spicy...

Keng Som only left fish bone and I tell you this is the best time to taste the soup..

All dried up. Ah Moi, kasi tambah soup...you can add soup if you wish to..


Holiday trip to Bangkok on January 2009.Too busy and lazy to update my blog. So now i got some free time and just update.This is my first time to Bangkok.So i just know how to say hello and end with kap kap kap..but never mind la. As long they understand then ok...

We stay at First House Hotel. Good location and reasonable price.Walking distance to all the huge shopping mall...

Nice view from the plane.We took MAS this time when MAS having promotion and it is cheaper than Air Asia when the time I book the ticket.

Hey...thats my hometown Penang.

Finally we reach Bangkok...

Bangkok Town.

Me and Teris having our lunch at hawker center inside Platinium shopping mall. Beef Noodle.

Fried Poh Piah.

Shopping Mall again. Around the area i stay,there are lots of shopping mall.

This is the shop Teris looking for to buy hand bag.

After spending almost 45minutes inside this shop, (can see her face so happy)because she bought around 8-10 hand bags for her own and family member.

Most of the shopping mall here really huge.If u really shop around the whole building, I guess it might take one day.

2nd day me and Teris went to city tour.The 1st stop is Grand Palace.When we reach there, we saw the soldier (i dunno what it call) marching towards the Grand Palace. Time to report duty.

This scene is always a must for those who visited Bangkok. I saw many photo with this background. hehehe.....

Inside the Grand Palace.

Hey, who looks more cool?I guess is him because he stand few hours under the sun. Pity him....

Sleeping Buddha. I don't understand why the temple is so small and it looks like the sleeping buddha is having some difficulties to sleep because inside the temple really small for this huge buddha. AMITABHA

Inside tuk tuk going to other places.We took the map when we landed at airport and we plan our own tour.Fun and Challenging...

Going to MRT to go to other place.

Here we are.Cabbages & Condoms Restaurant

All this is made by condom.I wonder is it new or recycle condom...

This is not X'mas tree i guess it should named Condom Tree....hahaha

Hey Santa, Can I wear this here?

Waiting for the food to be serve.
Admiring the decoration that use condom...

Coconut water...uhhh coolll....

Seafood Tom Yam.

Green Curry Chicken.

Fried Vegetables.

White rice in square shape.

Enjoying the food.

Photo of condom user...hahaha.....

Bangkok air pollution is worst and while we sit inside the tuk tuk, we really cannot stand the smell come out from the tuk tuk exhaust.Pitty Teris need to cover her nose with scarf.No worry, next time i will prepare face mask for you...

Ian and his friend at our back and we heading to Suan Lum Night Bazaar for shopping....

Suan Lum Night Bazaar..

All of us waiting for the food to be serve. Beer of course is one of the must in our list to cool down ourself and it is very cheap here.

After dinner, we proceed to Khao San Road where its happening with all the pub and cafe here. Drunk Drunk Drunk...Yam Seng!!!!

Fried big squid. I prefer to use it for fishing than eating because it is too big..

Oh....this is fried grasshopper and fried insect.We didn't try it because we not yet drunk. If drunk sure we will try it.hahaha....

This one is BBQ meat.

Bird Egg (i know we call it lam pa nui)Imagine one time eat so much for sure our colestrol will shoot up..

This gal always eat eat eat...haiz. but i eat more than her ..hahaha...

The noodles looks yummy but after we buy and it taste so sweet. haiz :(

After trying the sweet noodle, we went to fast food Mc Donald's to try their Samurai Pork Burger which Ian recommed the best burger in Mc Donald's. The cashier do not allow me to take photo of their menu at the counter and i ask her why? She told me competitor. And I was like huh??? Then you better close your restaurant and don't sell.
This photo i took from our table and I zoom in.Not so clear.

After the 1st bite, i order another one.Really taste nice. Can't find in Malaysia...

BBQ cutterfish..

Heading to Samduak Floating Market...

Samduak Floating Market.

After 1 round of cruise, we just walk around to find some food to fill in our stomach...

Bangkok fried pancake. I dunno how to speak and i just point my finger and gave the money...

After the tour, we take the group photo.So many people...huh.

After the floating market, we go to carving shop and you can see this big elephant..

We also visit the Elephant and Crocodile Farm..

feeding the baby elephant.

Eh.... when RONALDO become like this?

Elephant Show.

This is what we waiting for..."Crocodile Show".

Hey Hey...what are you trying to do?

Oh god...he really put in his head into the crocodile mouth..

So many baby crocodile here...

After seeing this for few time, I finally cannot tahan and i try it.

Alot of food looks nice but not the taste..

Hot Plate rice with chicken, fish or beef.

Found this restaurant in one of the shopping mall but forget the name already.

At night we went to this sky bar. Rooftop at level 60 if i not mistaken.Really nice view and windy here.

What a nice view.

Next day morning, we went to Cha Tu Chak market. This one really big and we need to get the market map to walk around...The public transport is ready and is in long q waiting for customer.

Found this ice cream inside the market.

Looks so nice.

WOW....i really want this...i wan i wan...

Please give me...please give me. I wan I wan... (she so enjoy the ice cream).

End of the day, this is what we buy for this trip. Bangkok is shoping shopping and shopping....

Found this sticker at the seat of taxi when we on the way to airport...DO NOT FART IN THE TAXI DUDE...

We had a great time there.We will come back again...See you soon Bangkok. Kap kap kap..