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aBoUt LiFe

The most important things to do in the world are to get something to eat, something to drink and somebody to love you.


A friend is never a coincidence in your life, they are meant to enter your life to share the sadness and to bring you joy and laughter

Restoran Yaw Fatt

Restoran Yaw Fatt (发记面家) @ Summit Subang USJ, USJ 1, Subang Jaya, Selangor

S2.72 & 2.106 & 2.107,
The Summit Subang USJ,
Persiaran Kewajipan, USJ 1,
47600, UEP Subang Jaya,

This restaurant Yaw Fatt is located on the 2nd floor in The Summit USJ shopping complex and is quiet popular among the staff working around there.It will be pack during lunch & dinner time.

I order this Beef Noodles RM6.50. The soup taste is good and especially with the chilli. I like this.

Teris order this Dry Koay Teow with mushroom and chicken. The portion is big and worth it. The tasted is good and something taste like home cooked food.

Can you see the right bottom picture Braised Spare Ribs? This dish I try before and the taste is yummy and the meat is soft but this time when I wan to order, the waiter told me SOLD OUT.

They have many other dishes as well. No menu will be serve because the menu is the photo you see with the name and pricing hanging against the wall.

Beggar Chicken

Beggar's Chicken (Hak Yi Kai) @ Ijok, Kuala Selangor

New Beggar's Delicious Restaurant
Open only from 5 p.m., Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.
019 317 3687 (Mr. Tee)
03-3279 1936

This restaurant is located at Ijok which is along the way from Sungai Buloh to Kuala Selangor. Drive along the trunk road connecting Sungai Buloh and Kuala Selangor and you will see a big signboard which states New Beggar’s Chicken Restaurant. Follow the signboard and you will drive through an oil palm plantation and you will be able to see the restaurant on your left side.

Suddenly, I think of this beggar chicken and wanted to try long time ago but due to work commitment and some friends can't get the right timing and it has been postponed until we find the right timing to go together.There are total 9 of us.
We ask our friend to booked first because according to them, you need to booked in advance.

We order Beggar chicken, Beggar duck & Beggar pig leg. all this is cooked in a sealed aluminium foil and the taste is perfectly kept. We smell the fragrance when opening the aluminium foil. Stuffed with different mushrooms, the tasted is familiar to bak kut teh herbal soup with its own herbs.The herbs like tong kwai, tong sum, kai chi, red dates and yoke chok inside the chicken.

We also order the fried paku pakis (medin) , Beggar rice (glutinous rice), Fried Mantis Prawn.

As you can see all the faces is so serious and enjoying the food.

There are total 9 of us. Ian, Me, Teris, Carol, Alexander, Jaae, Shy Shy, Wilson & Chloe.

Beggar rice is actually glutinous rice with mushroom, dried oyster, dried shrimp, pork, salted egg yolks (ham tan wong). We order 2 of this. I love this very very much. The taste is so delicious. I think I should name this as Ye Zhi Mei big boobs Loh Mai Fan. This is AWESOME....

We order curry claypot fish & claypot pork belly pepper soup

We bring along a pomelo and after the dinner, we continue with the pomelo and the sor hai got nothing to do and they post for the funny picture.

Chloe & Shy Shy eat from start until the end non stop...hahaha..just joking actually all of us can't stop eating until the end. Total bill came to RM355 share by 9 person.

Dishes we order:
1. Beggar Chicken
2. Beggar Duck
3. Beggar Pig Leg
4. Fried Paku Pakis (miden)
5. Fried Kam Heong Mantis Prawn
6. Curry Claypot Fish
7. Beggar Rice (glutinous rice) x 2nos
8. Claypot Pork Belly pepper soup
9. Fried Sotong

The food overall is delicious especially the Beggar Rice (glutinous rice). I like to go enjoy food with more friends because we can order more dishes to try but this time all the dishes is so big portion.

Char Sago

Char Sago - Fried Sago.
This special food i only saw at Lebuh Cecil Market (Penang 7th Road, 七条路).
I went back to my hometown at Penang and my mum cook for me this dish. My mum love to try to cook new dish and she never gave up. If first time she cooked the food fail, she will try and try again until it success.
First of all, you need to put the sago into water for few hours to make the sago become soft.
Ingredients you need:
1. Sago
2. Dried Shrimp (har mai)
3. Bean Sprout (tauge)
4. Chili (sambal)

If you wish to add in big prawn, squid or others you can do so but this is the traditional way to cook it.

After the sago become soft, make it round and squeeze it flat then put in a boil water to cook first until you see the sago become transparent, then put it in a water to let it cool down.

After the sago cool down, then it's time for you to use scissor to cut it into small pieces.

Place the sago you have cut into small piece in a bowl and add in the dark soy sauce and mix it before you start cooking.

Put some oil, put in the dried shrimp, add in chili (sambal), sago then lastly the bean sprout (tauge), add in some salt to taste and start stir it until it cooked. If you prefer darker then add in more dark soy sauce.

The taste is like Char Koay Kak but Sago is more chewy when you bite and the taste is so delicious.

Kai Wor Pau

鸡窝包 = 大包加糯米鸡
Kai Wor Pau (cantonese literally translated as chicken nest bun). It’s quiet unique and only got one in KL, Sri Petaling
Teris ask her colleagues to buy this and she gave one for me. This is something very special and this is the firs time i see this pau.
They steamed the buns pre cooked, then stuff cooked glutinous rice with bbq meat and wine chicken.

You can keep in the fridge if you want to keep for 1 or 2 days. this Kai Wor Pau is like combination of big pau & loh mai kai. One stone kill two dish.

Restoran Clan
140, Jalan Radin Anum
Sri Petaling
57000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 019-382 5455

Fifteen Tower Tauge Chicken

Ipoh is famous for the Tauge Chicken or Steamed Chicken with Bean Sprouts served with Kuey Teow. The famous Restoran for the tourist is Lou Wong at town area but I can GUARANTEE that after you try this Fifteen Tower Tauge Chicken, You will not go back to Lou Wong. Please try then you will know.

I got to know this place from my uncle who is local at ipoh. He bring me to this place few times when I go Ipoh visit him and he told me that local people won't eat at Lou Wong. Food not nice and expensive and only tourist will go there.

Fifteen Tower Tauge Ayam, located at Pusat Makanan Zui Xiang Cun at cross between Jalan Tun Abdul Razak and Jalan Tun Perak, somewhere near to Buntong (where the Indian community dominates in Ipoh), and Medan Kidd (the former main bus station of Ipoh).

The name of the stall I thinks is probably refers to the nearby 15-storeys flat in Buntong, can see from the food court. The stall only opens for dinner, and I advised you to go early to avoid a long wait.Opens around 7.45pm.

When you reach there, please be seated and if you see only one chicken is hanging, don't be so kan cheong, he only hang one or two chicken and is freshly cooked.The indian guy (can speak fluent cantonese) will come over and take your order. He will come to you, no worry even you have waited 3-5 minutes. they do not have the menu. Just let him know how many person and order for the chicken, bean sprouts, and you must order this braised chicken's feet. When me & Ian go this time, the braised chicken's feet sold out.

The chicken meat is tender & succulent enough.
It is freshly cooked and that's why you can only see 1 or 2 chicken is hanging at the stall.

Koay Teow Soup
The Koay Teow is delicious. It is so smooth and the portion is small. I can easily eat 2-3 bowls. The soup taste is so nice. I like the soup very much.

Braised Chicken's Feet
Highly recommend. Must try, DO NOT MISS THIS.
If you go too late, this will be the first dish to sold out.

Me & Ian order chicken, bean sprouts for 2 person & 3bowls of Koay Teow soup total bill came to only RM10. Cheap and HO CIAK...

Restoran New Secret

Restoran New Secret adjacent the Village Mall near Tesco (the one nearer to the SP Northern Toll),

I try this before at seremban but i think is different restoran and I like it so much especially the heaven chicken (Thin Kai)...Heaven Chicken is not the right name. If i call it frog and is like yeeee.... so i translate direct from cantonese name.
Me & Ian was at Sungai Petani for our task and so coincidence that Chloe back to hometown and she bring us to this Restoran New Secret.

This claypot heaven chicken (Tin Kai) cooked with dried chillies is so yummy to eat with porridge and it is so hot & spicy. If you do not want to be so spicy, you have to inform the waiter when they take order.

This is Claypot Eel fish. This one we order not so spicy.

This is their menu and the price. We did order a plate of vege and total bill came to RM50++ for 3person include drinks. Kinda abit expensive but worth trying. They open few branches and the last one I saw at Jalan Dato Kramat, Penang just next to the Pachee Bakery & Stadium.


Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant @ Empire Gallery Subang Jaya

Me & Teris loves japanese food alot. We went to this Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant @ Empire Gallery Subang Jaya.

First dish we order Kaori-Hako Kani to Tobikko Salada. This bowl of salad is so yummy and we like it so much. The crab meat, fish roe, vege, tomato slice and the thousand island topping is a perfect combination.

I like to eat sashimi and i order this Hotategai (scallop). The scallop is fresh.

Soft Shell Crab is a dish you must not miss. The taste is crunchy from outside and inner part is soft. If you like tofu, you can try this Agedashi Tofu. The tofu is sweet and smooth inside and it got four different topping to make the tofu looks special.

Teris order this Nabeyaki Udon (Hot Udon Noodles in Claypot). It comes with the tempura.

I order Gindara Zen (Grilled Silver Cod Set). I like to eat fish and it must serve hot & fresh. After all the food arrive, I told teris that this will be a very full dinner. So many food but only two of us....

This dinner is to celebrate teris birthday so it just two of us enjoying the dinner. We are very satisfied with the food, service and the ambient. We will be back again mostly with more friends so that we can order more dishes to try...hehehe.

Total bill came to RM152.95. The price is reasonable and we got so many dishes on the table.