I aSk YoU tO TrY

oUt oF dIfFiCuLtiEs , mAkEs MiRacLes

aBoUt LiFe

The most important things to do in the world are to get something to eat, something to drink and somebody to love you.


A friend is never a coincidence in your life, they are meant to enter your life to share the sadness and to bring you joy and laughter

Trip to Farm

We have a trip to few farm with our department staff. There is only 4 of us. The driver and the most experience among us cum tour guide is Bro Ching. The 2nd one is our collumnist from chinese news paper cum reporter KC Yu. The 3rd one is our photographer cum photo editor Ian. The 4th one is the act cool model & food tasting cum eating, that's me......hahaha..
Dragon Fruit.. Why they call it Dragon Fruit?

All this is fresh from the farm

This is the Dragon Fruit farm. The tree you can see is like cactus. Actually it is from the cactus family.

They put the tyre there is to support the leave not to let it drop to the ground.

This is the dragon fruit flower.

When the fruit grow to certain size, the have to wrap it with plastic bag to prevent it from being eaten by the bats, bird and others.

Who eaten this one? If they didn't wrap it, this is how it looks like.

Look so yummy, can I just bite it??

This fella is belongs to the owner of the farm. Can you see What is in the mouth? CIGARETTE!!! What the hell? Monkey also can smoke? You have to believe it because I saw a newspaper cutting stick near the cage with the monkey puffing the cigarette. The owner told me that this monkey is also very HAMSAP and when he saw girls wearing mini skirt, he will bend down his head to peep. So girls, please becareful when you visit to this farm.

Our Kc interview the owner of this farm.

While our collumnist cum reporter interviewing the owner, we take a rest at the counter and had something to enjoy in the hot hot weather. Guess what???
This is the best thing man. The taste is so nice. I want all but can you please count for me how many sticks there??

WhhOOOaaaa.... I got 2 sticks.

Before we left the place i bought another one and succckkk it in the car. ho liao.....

Taking photo with the owner. From left Bro.Ching (the tour guide), Kc (the reporter), Mr Dragon (the owner) & Melvyn (the hungry man)

After visiting this Dragon Fruit farm, we proceed to Longan Farm about half and hour drive from the Dragon Fruit farm.

The road heading to the Longan farm.

Here we are but too bad the farm is close on weekdays and only open on weekends. sad sad.

Can see the Longan but cannot taste it. Longan Longan, I'm so sorry I cannot taste you now.

We will be back next time...

We feel so disappointed that our favourite fruits farm not open. The next stop is at Tanjung Sepat, The GANO Farm.

Last time i came here about 7 years ago and today the farm totally change with nice building and also a comfort accomodation.

This is the farm and it has many types of mushroom.

Whole racking is full of this. It has wood dust in it and mix with other stuff.

This one called monkey head mushroom.

This rack is abalone mushroom.

Lingzhi mushroom. Very good for health.

The poster explain the goodness of the product.

Full information you get get from this farm.

The information in few languages.Chinese, English or Malay also have.

They explain it very detail.

There is a retail shop just veside the farm. You can buy the product here.

We feel so hungry after visit the GANO farm because we only see and didn't eat. So we went to this most FAMOUS pau nearby the town. The pau really taste good. after eating, we tapau back also.

Our last stop is Chinese Temple. The name of the temple i don't know. Sorry ya, I'm a banana boy don't know chinese word.

Saw this giant poster and i took photo with it. Looks so real is it?

I guess Ian is scoulding the hot hot weather.

end of the trip......

Miss Someone…..

I MISS YOU…. this sentence is really easy to read and speak but sometimes I really find it is hard to speak it out to someone who you really miss. Maybe we just get to know each other recently and I find it is hard to tell her that ‘I MISS HER’. I personally feel that if I talk to her something like this, I’m really scared that I’m going to lose a friend if she don’t have any feeling towards me. So what I’m going to do? I also don’t know but when the times come for sure I will tell her and if is fail then at least I did try my best and I brave myself to accept the outcome. Sometimes as human being, we really need to have the confidence to try it, I mean love someone is not a criminal and I’m not asking you to harm and cheat people. If you didn’t try, you will never know.

You might be thinking “hey!! you crazy ar? How long you know her? How much do you understand about her? But to me, I miss I miss la. What got to do with you? To me, the feeling and fate is important. If you got the feel, then fine, just go ahead.

She did sms me and if at the moment I’m busy, I will just reply busy now. Chat tonite. She also knew that my job is very busy sometimes. At least she understands lo. Of course at nite after work and my entire paper work settled, that will be my time to sms and call her. She is cute and is a nice person but I do need time to know her more. My job sometimes really pressure and when I heard about her sweet voice at nite, my sleep will be more sweet and peaceful. LOVE can be the strength also. I guess she might feel the same.

As I know that recently she told me she is unhappy about something and from there I need to encourage and support her. In other saying “always be a good listener before you give some advice or support to people, listen carefully what their problem is and from there we try our best to help them”. After that I try to divert her focus from thinking the unhappy thing to something that will make her happy and laugh.”

I try to think about the funny joke or funny things that happen to me or my friend and share with her to make her laugh and seems like I’m still ok to be funny enough. hehehe….Recently I read a book and it says “Laughter Is he Best Medicine, sometimes the best and healthiest way to deal with adversity is to laugh through it. Not to laugh at it, or ignore it, but to keep your sense of humor and seek out others who can help to enlighten your load”

I hope she will be always happy………cheeeeeerrrrrsssss…..

My Life

Time passes very fast. Every year around this season, I will be very busy and sometimes my mood is up and down. I’m very happy to work with my colleagues especially our operation team. I’m very lucky to have a good and caring supervisor to work with. Sometimes when I look at my schedule, it’s really hard to breath and very tension but as an operation people I really need to calm down myself and plan with my colleagues to keep the task go smoothly.

When I was given a task for road show, I have to make sure everything must run smoothly and bring back the good sales. The bosses will only see the sales figure not the problem you facing when you are given a task. In this company, I really learn a lot of things and it really makes me to become a better person. Recently, we got a road show at Senawang. From Senawang to K.L are about 45 minute drives. During this duration, my cousin did call me from K.L ask me to go back for dinner and clubbing because he just came back from Ireland. I rejected him because when I got task on my hand, I got a lot of responsibility.

During the road show, one day my worker call me at 5am and told me got 3 guys climb into our canopy. We set up canopy in the open space and we got fencing to cover the area and my worker is staying inside. The most worry part when we conduct our road show at the open area is my worker safety. Without thinking and delay, I wake Ian up and he follows me to the site. When I was walking down from the apartment, my eyes still can’t open all and blur blur like that. While we on the way, I ask Ian to call the police.

When we reach there, I saw my worker standing nearby and without thinking much, I straight away come down from my car and carry a steel bar and rush to the canopy area with Ian and my 2 worker... Of course at the moment I also feel scared but my worker is more scared than me. I got the balls to go to the canopy even though I’m a bit scared because at that time I really frustrated because is 5am and that is the best time to sleep. I told myself to be more alert and if the guys are really still in there, sure I will hantam them for disturbing my sleep and trespassing into my area. But when we reach, no one was inside the canopy already. Police arrive after few minutes.

Imagine if that day I go back to K.L and this thing happen, how I’m going to help my worker? For sure I kena ‘tiu kau kau’ from my supervisor. But luckily I’m mature enough to think the outcome before I do anything. I learn this before when I was at Seremban 2. The same thing happens and that time is 12am when I already fall asleep. So from the past experience, I know that I have to be prepared and ready if this thing happens again during any road show at open space.

At that time when the thing happens at Seremban 2, I was so angry and blame my job & others. But without realizing, that is the experience and process that have makes me to become a better person.

The real test is not whether bad things happen to you or whether you experience failure, but how you deal with adversity and setbacks. When adversity strikes, it will make a person to struggle and if you think properly, actually it makes you to be come more successful in the future.