I aSk YoU tO TrY

oUt oF dIfFiCuLtiEs , mAkEs MiRacLes

aBoUt LiFe

The most important things to do in the world are to get something to eat, something to drink and somebody to love you.


A friend is never a coincidence in your life, they are meant to enter your life to share the sadness and to bring you joy and laughter

China Town Seng Kee

Me and my friends go to china town to collect my friend's wedding biscuit then we had our lunch at this Restoran China Town Seng Kee. My friend Ian bring us to this shop.

This restaurant located opposite Kompleks Selangor near to Petaling Street.

This restoran is just a normal setting but the food is good.

There are four of us. Me, Ian, KC, Wilson

We order this Claypot Lou Shu Fan.

Claypot Lou Shu Fan with mince pork and an egg on top.

The differerent is the Lou Shu Fan after cook, it doesn't sticky sticky and the taste is delicious.

This is BBQ Pork Fried Mee. The pork taste is so yummy and with the mee is just hO cIaK...

Fung Wong Biscuits 凤凰饼家

No.28, Jalan Cecil, 50000, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2078 8357
Fax: 03-2072 5168

Walking on the streets of Jalan Petaling, you probably will not notice Fung Wong Biscuits. Yet the history of Fung Wong Biscuits will not go unnoticed.
Walking down memory lane, there used to be only 7 lots of 3-storey shops. 100years later, there were those that were renovated and destroyed but Fung WongBiscuits still remain its original look till today.

I've been passing this shop few times but the signage is in chinese and I don't know how to read it that this shop is selling the Chinese wedding biscuits until I visit this place again with my colleagues to collect the biscuit for his wedding and to give to their relatives.

Fung Wong Biscuits is well known among the people in Kuala Lumpur. It started of as a stall in a coffee shop but has expanded into a humble shop.
Although Fung Wong biscuits has been passed on to the third generation within 100 years, there is one thing that has never changed. It is the "tradition" of chinese biscuits.

They have many varieties of biscuits for different occasion.

You can walkin and buy any of the biscuits. If is more then you better order first before you go.

Chinese wedding biscuits (喜饼) has become a customary gift from the bride to inform the relatives and friends of her impending marriage. In Chinese's tradition, the wedding biscuit is as good as other lucky gifts, and is essential for proposing a marriage.

My colleague KC ordered total 60 boxs for his wedding.When we reach there, everything is well pack and we just take and go.

Fung Wong Biscuits has improve all the traditional biscuits by following the new generation's taste and preference, but the element of Chinese wedding biscuit such as tradition and culture are inherit countinuously.

Lotus Seed

Looks so yummy...

This is the packing of the Chinese wedding biscuits (喜饼).

Each box of Fung Wong's wedding biscuits consist of one(1) red bean paste and one(1) lotus paste. With the beautiful and elegant packaging of Fung Wong's wedding biscuits, it will bring joys and happiness to your wedding ceremony.

some contents taken from Fung Wong


I did not update my blog for the past 2 weeks. Work is busy and alot of things need to do. This few days, i'm really down and upset. There are few things happen which is out of my control. I'm so emotional and this is usually happen for a human being and now it happen to me.
But I always remember someone teach me this phrase "LIFE IS TOUGH BUT I'M TOUGHER".

Do you believe in GOD? YES, there are all of us i can say. To me, when GOD grant you somethings, GOD will take something else to exchange it. Is it true? I dunno and i don't want to believe this but I can't because this things happen to me many times in my life when I'm been given something, there is always something will be taken away from me. There are many of us who work so hard to strive in many things but some times we are not so lucky to be bless.

Human always tend to make this mistake ---> human tend to remember the bad things or mistake done by their family, love ones, colleagues, friend or anyone but they fail to think about the good things they have done. I;m one of this person as well last time but nowadays i change alot by looking things more far and details.We must always remember the good things that they have done before we going to make any decision or action towards the person. Talk is easy but when ask you to do, you will have 1000 of excuses. We are not GOD, we are not perfect. Just try our best to do the best we can.

Life is short, enjoy your life and treasure your love ones. I got so many plan to do for this year 2010 but till now, my plan is like tarnish in the ash...nothing have been achieved.

I'm very down and emotional but I will not give up. I need time to overcome it.
I will do my best to achieved what I have plan this year. Sometime things just happen too fast and I have to accept it even I do not wish that.

Sri Senawang Hotel

GPS Coordinate : N 02° 41.697' E 101° 59.973'

Due to work task, our company having a road show at senawang and this time I stay at this Sri Senawang Hotel. This hotel just operate for 9months and the rate is cheap and the most important part is the room is clean.

Outside view of the hotel. Located at the row of shoplot.

Another good thing is the dobi just beside the hotel. Convenience for us to send our cloth to wash. They charge RM2.50 per kg.

I take the two single bed room. The room is nice and clean.

Every room come with individual water heater.

Just a simple room with LCD tv, table , chair and FREE WIFI.

Every room with window.Unlike others hotel, some room without window and is like staying in the store and you dunno whether is morning or night.

Another view of the room.

This is the map to the hotel and if you have GPS, you can key in the code i provide on top.

The room rate charges.