I aSk YoU tO TrY

oUt oF dIfFiCuLtiEs , mAkEs MiRacLes

aBoUt LiFe

The most important things to do in the world are to get something to eat, something to drink and somebody to love you.


A friend is never a coincidence in your life, they are meant to enter your life to share the sadness and to bring you joy and laughter

niuzexui @ Ara Damansara

Last week me & chiu shya went to niuzexui @ Ara Damansara to have a visit there. Actually I quite frustrated on the niuzexui advertisement on the Hong Kong drama movie. Every time when one episod finish, then the niuzexui advertisement will come out. It really make me so annoying. As you know, sometimes we really hate the advertisement on tv.

Human are curious (kay poh) so we decided to go and have alook.
Entrance fee is RM10 per person so we juat pay and go in the disney cartoon display eventhough it is very expensive but since we are there so just go and see la. Later when we were inside then only we found out that the RM10 coupon we can use it to buy thing inside or take a photo using the RM10 coupon. Anyway the price of the ticket is reasonable la.

Main entrance lift up with lighting.

Donald Duck ( the pose is very lansi ) but i like this alot.

Fella Design Fan Club

FDFC organised the football and netball championships for the prestigious Koleksi Kiara Cup in Shah Alam. FDFC have succesfully gathered four English Premier League clubs; Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal to participate.

The player is all randomly pick from all the staff and contractor. We do not know who can play and cannot play until we meet at the field.The game venue was in Shah Alam Mini Stadium. We booked the stadium & referees also. Feel like playing a real game with qualified referee.

Trophy & medals

Team Liverpool

I was with Team Chelsea

Team Manchester United with the manager - Sir Ching Ferguson (MU hardcore fan).

Team Arsenal

Half time break with Burger King.

We book for 60paxs with a special discount only for FDFC.

Netball players.

I think he request for two burger.

Netball Team - each team got 1 guy because we lack of players.

me, pramela & ian (looks like referee & lines man)

The final Liverpool vs Arsenal
And the final score Liverpool 0-1 Arsenal

Best player goes to En.Hamid (unbelievable)

1st runner up Liverpool.

The Champion - Arsenal

We enjoy the game and the time we get together. The next day morning, my whole body feel very pain because long time I didn't do exercise.

Winner of Heineken 'Treat Your Best Bud' contest.

Yesterday evening I receive a call from a girl and she told me that, I'm one of the winner of the Heineken 'Treat Your Best Bud' contest. When I heard about the news I was stund and was thinking I where got so lucky? Real or not? need to pay some fees to redeem the ticket is it? and the girl continue to talk to me and she says that I participate the online Heineken contest then only I remember that I participate before. This is cool man.... 1st time I win contest.

Got free 2 movie ticket, free Heineken Beers and dinner for two. WOW....That's great some more the movie at GSC Signature, Gold Class 1, The Gardens, Mid Valley City. Thanks to Heineken & GSC for giving free dinner, Heineken beers & gold class movie ticket....

Life Won't Be Good If Everything Always Go Smooth?

Life sometimes is so enjoyable no matter where you are because you enjoy and feel comfortable with it but as a human, there is nothing that will always remain the same. Things will change so fast until sometimes we really feel so pressure and down when adversity strikes, but always remember that " In The Midst Of Difficulties Lie Opportunity. NEVER GIVE UP! Always remenber that rough times are the foundation for future progress.That is why every human in this world their mood is always up and down.

It could happen to any angle of our life. There is always people tend to choose a happy day to an anger and moody day. Are they feel more comfort to let this kind of things happen to them when they can enjoy the happy life? I really don't understand.
No matter what happen, life still carry on. Better to choose to be happy than sad.

Trip to Farm

We have a trip to few farm with our department staff. There is only 4 of us. The driver and the most experience among us cum tour guide is Bro Ching. The 2nd one is our collumnist from chinese news paper cum reporter KC Yu. The 3rd one is our photographer cum photo editor Ian. The 4th one is the act cool model & food tasting cum eating, that's me......hahaha..
Dragon Fruit.. Why they call it Dragon Fruit?

All this is fresh from the farm

This is the Dragon Fruit farm. The tree you can see is like cactus. Actually it is from the cactus family.

They put the tyre there is to support the leave not to let it drop to the ground.

This is the dragon fruit flower.

When the fruit grow to certain size, the have to wrap it with plastic bag to prevent it from being eaten by the bats, bird and others.

Who eaten this one? If they didn't wrap it, this is how it looks like.

Look so yummy, can I just bite it??

This fella is belongs to the owner of the farm. Can you see What is in the mouth? CIGARETTE!!! What the hell? Monkey also can smoke? You have to believe it because I saw a newspaper cutting stick near the cage with the monkey puffing the cigarette. The owner told me that this monkey is also very HAMSAP and when he saw girls wearing mini skirt, he will bend down his head to peep. So girls, please becareful when you visit to this farm.

Our Kc interview the owner of this farm.

While our collumnist cum reporter interviewing the owner, we take a rest at the counter and had something to enjoy in the hot hot weather. Guess what???
This is the best thing man. The taste is so nice. I want all but can you please count for me how many sticks there??

WhhOOOaaaa.... I got 2 sticks.

Before we left the place i bought another one and succckkk it in the car. ho liao.....

Taking photo with the owner. From left Bro.Ching (the tour guide), Kc (the reporter), Mr Dragon (the owner) & Melvyn (the hungry man)

After visiting this Dragon Fruit farm, we proceed to Longan Farm about half and hour drive from the Dragon Fruit farm.

The road heading to the Longan farm.

Here we are but too bad the farm is close on weekdays and only open on weekends. sad sad.

Can see the Longan but cannot taste it. Longan Longan, I'm so sorry I cannot taste you now.

We will be back next time...

We feel so disappointed that our favourite fruits farm not open. The next stop is at Tanjung Sepat, The GANO Farm.

Last time i came here about 7 years ago and today the farm totally change with nice building and also a comfort accomodation.

This is the farm and it has many types of mushroom.

Whole racking is full of this. It has wood dust in it and mix with other stuff.

This one called monkey head mushroom.

This rack is abalone mushroom.

Lingzhi mushroom. Very good for health.

The poster explain the goodness of the product.

Full information you get get from this farm.

The information in few languages.Chinese, English or Malay also have.

They explain it very detail.

There is a retail shop just veside the farm. You can buy the product here.

We feel so hungry after visit the GANO farm because we only see and didn't eat. So we went to this most FAMOUS pau nearby the town. The pau really taste good. after eating, we tapau back also.

Our last stop is Chinese Temple. The name of the temple i don't know. Sorry ya, I'm a banana boy don't know chinese word.

Saw this giant poster and i took photo with it. Looks so real is it?

I guess Ian is scoulding the hot hot weather.

end of the trip......