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Salted Egg Fish Fillet

Salted Egg Fish Fillet.... home made

Salted egg - 4 nos
Chili padi - 10 nos
Fresh Fish Fillet - 600 gm
Planta - 2 spoon
Curry Leaf - 20-30 leafs.

 Boiled the salted egg until is done then only take the Egg Yolk (yellow color) and use spoon to make it into small pieces.

 Fresh fish is the best choice and this time I use Ebek fish and cut into fillet then you need to mix it with 2 spoon of cooking oil and deep fried flour. Mix it with some water and make sure not too many water and the flour must be sticky and not too watery.

 Before you fried, please make sure the cooking oil is hot enough before you put in the fish fillet. Do not cook till it turns dark brown color. Once it turns to light brown then you have to ready to take the fish fillet out from the wok. 

 After all the fish fillet is ready then you put it aside then now is the final part.

Put 2 spoon of planta then add in curry leafs and chilipadi then cook for awhile then add in the fried fish fillet and lastly the salted egg yolk. Fried for 5 minutes and now it is ready.

 Salted Egg Fish Fillet. If you want more spicy then add in more chili padi.