I aSk YoU tO TrY

oUt oF dIfFiCuLtiEs , mAkEs MiRacLes

aBoUt LiFe

The most important things to do in the world are to get something to eat, something to drink and somebody to love you.


A friend is never a coincidence in your life, they are meant to enter your life to share the sadness and to bring you joy and laughter

Duck Meat Porridge

Duck Meat Porridge @ Alor Setar Chinese Market

GPS Coordinate : N 06° 07.018' E 100° 21.808'

For the month of November and December 2009, I travel to Alor Setar so frequent and I got the chance to try out this Duck Meat Porridge @ Alor Setar Chinese Market.My colleague hometown is at Jitra, Kedah he brought me to try this and it taste good. Thanks to Wilson.

This trip is so happen that me, Ian & Wilson can get together for breakfast at Alor Setar and once we arrive, we order duck meat, pig intestine, duck wing, eggs and unfortunately no more duck head (sad sad).. :(

Open from morning till 12noon.

Duck meat

Pig intestine

Duck wing one of my favourite.

A plain porridge.

冬至 Winter Solstice Day

Have been long time didn't see this stall and guess what, because I stay at Subang Jaya and seldom see this kind of stall. Recently, I went back to my hometown at Penang for some Northern Region work task and I went to Batu Lanchang Market and saw this few stall selling the glutinous in many colours and if you lazy to cook, then you can buy the one ready and you can enjoy it NOW...

Tāngyuán is a Chinese food made from glutinous rice flour. Glutinous rice flour is mixed with a small amount of water to form balls and is then cooked and served in boiling water. Tangyuan can be either small or large, and filled or unfilled. It is traditionally eaten during Yuanxiao.

You see the uncle so happy while buying and I believe he is going to (tuen yun) reunion dinner with his family on the festive eve.

Choose any colour you want or you can buy all the colour in small portion then you can have a colourful glutinous ball.

I miss the old days when we were young and my mum always buy the raw glutinous and we make it ourself. I still remember when my mum give me some portion to make the glutinous ball round but i use the whole thing to make a BIG glutinous ball and i tell my mum, this is for you then i kena scould. My mum say you make so big for wat? Then i faster make again but this time i make it tiny little round and that is me. I did it purposely and i kena scould again this time by my dad and he say why you so (kuai lan in hokkien) and he also laugh.

Hope one day I can make myself free and go back hometown to enjoy the festival.

I wish all of you happy reunion with the family and hope you enjoy the Glutinous Ball.

Fish Head Mee Hoon

Mr.Mak Fish Head Mee Hoon at Kopitiam Que Up USJ 16

Went to this kopitiam and try the red snapper mee hoon. You can choose either soup or tom yam. Both also very nice. Price is reasonable and the fish is fresh too.Located at USJ 16 below the flat.

Cheng thong yu tau mai fan (clear soup fish head mee hoon).You can choose to add in milk if you want.

Tom Yam slice snapper fish mee hoon.Once you try, you can't stop enjoying the soup.

You can order extra fried snapper fish slice.

Lau Heong

GPS Coordinate : N 03° 10.908' E 101° 41.821'

Nowadays, human being are very advance in term of using the technology and gadget and this time I include the GPS Coordinate reading so that the readers who is using car or hp GPS can easily locate this Restoran Lau Heong.Make sure you call for booking if you would like to go on weekends or public holiday to avoid standing there and waiting for empty table.

I don't know chinese and for those who understand might know what it means.

Chicken Wing a dish you must not miss out. So crispy and si pek ho chiak.

Thai style sotong & prawn. Must order this also. For sure you will dry up the whole thing and the sauce.

Tu Kar Ciu (pork knuckle)... yum yum yum. Must not miss this dish. Very crispy and the sauce is special.

Can you see???...wah i tell you ha...better you go and eat yourself. I don't know how to tell you the taste.

Seong Thong Lala (Steam lala)

Steam Stingray

Yin Yong Kailan.

We got 4 person only and we order 6 dishes. But we manage to finish all...hehehe. Wat to do? Really ho ciak ma..

We order all small portion of dish and the price is reasonable yet delicious.

Don't miss out this!! Must try..


I do enjoy steamboat and the preparation process. This time i plan for my housemate.
Usually we will have it during chinese new year at hometown but I can't wait till that day.

So I went to buy chicken, meat and pig liver.

Of course must have a fresh and big prawn which is my favourite..

Many types of fish ball

Here we go and waiting for the food to be cooked...

Phuket Island

After waiting for few months, finally we are flying to Phuket Island.

Due to serious H1N1, we have to take precaution steps like wearing face mask and drink more water.But when I reach there, I drink alot of BAcardi Breeze (alcohol) Hear alcohol can prevent H1N1 virus as well.

One of the phuket surrounding island.

Finally we reach Phuket Island.

The taxi here use Toyota Camry and the price is reasonable.

Malaysia we got Tesco & Tesco Extra. In Phuket, they have Tesco Lotus.

Checking in and you can see their face asking me to pay :(

Inside the hotel lift.

We stay at this Leelawadee Boutique Hotel, Phuket, Patong Beach
One night THB1050 (RM105)

Jian Hao & Lin

Lunch time must come with beer....wah..cool..

Waiting for the food to be serve.

Tom Yam

Chicken Green Curry.

Fried Kang Kung

Tai Pan Night Club. We will be back at night. Please reserve a table for me.

Great idea and design.They use all the recycle metals from car, motorbike and others to create the alien behind.

Hotel swimming pool. View from our room.

View from our room.

Sawadeekap... We got sell Samurai Pork Burger... come in come in...kap kap kap.

Without thinking too much, I ordered two Samurai Pork Burger...The taste is sooooo delicious...

After drinking and enjoying beers at disco, we get some supper.

Tuk Tuk

Going back to hotel.

The next day we go to Phi Phi Island for snorkeling but the weather is bad, big wave and strong wind.

At Phi Phi Island.

Nice scenery.

at the beach.

This sign remind me of the Tsunami. So scary...

Phi Phi Pier.

After snorkelling, we had our lunch at one of the restaurant then we went for some shopping at the island.

Going back to Phuket Island and we face big wave and strong wind on the way back and the whole journey i keep on praying. Scared like hell :( But Jian Hao & Lin sleep like a pig inside the boat.

Next day, we decided to rent two scooter to go around the Phuket Island.

we are ready to go around phuket island. We can just stop anywhere we want.


Patong Beach.

If you want to rest in the chair, you need to pay for RM5 each person.

enjoying coconut at the beach...

Hey... leave some for me. Don't finish all...

Patong town you can see alot of Massage centre but alot of monsters ..hahaha

This is my favourite drinks and i treat it like mineral water. Drink it anytime anywhere and whenever you want...

Signing our name on Patong Beach..

She trying to drive motorbike..

but I think if she drive then I will choose to walk back to hotel. hehehe

Can you see the yellow colour sign? DRUNKEN PEOPLE CROSSING..What a funny sign.

Waiting for seafood dinner to be serve.


Fried squid

Steam big prawn.

Steam grouper fish

BBQ prawn. All for only THB1,200 (RM120). Phuket is the place for relax and if you choose to go for shopping then Bangkok will be the right place to go.