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Sri Senawang Hotel

GPS Coordinate : N 02° 41.697' E 101° 59.973'

Due to work task, our company having a road show at senawang and this time I stay at this Sri Senawang Hotel. This hotel just operate for 9months and the rate is cheap and the most important part is the room is clean.

Outside view of the hotel. Located at the row of shoplot.

Another good thing is the dobi just beside the hotel. Convenience for us to send our cloth to wash. They charge RM2.50 per kg.

I take the two single bed room. The room is nice and clean.

Every room come with individual water heater.

Just a simple room with LCD tv, table , chair and FREE WIFI.

Every room with window.Unlike others hotel, some room without window and is like staying in the store and you dunno whether is morning or night.

Another view of the room.

This is the map to the hotel and if you have GPS, you can key in the code i provide on top.

The room rate charges.


  1. wmafendi said...

    thanks bro. Your information is very useful since I have to stay there for a week or so.

  2. melvyn said...

    you are welcome...Thanks for visiting my blog

  3. Anonymous said...

    seminggu kursus...stay kt hotel ini

  4. MyLara Sarah Cullen said...

    i just called for reservation, and i think they have to improve their PR skills.. huhu anyway i hope my friend will enjoy his stay there! is it true there's free wifi?

  5. faradilla said...

    thanx a lot...give u **** 4 ur info

  6. Nikhamidi said...

    ada jugak info pasal hotel ni. thanks. will stay there this weekend.

  7. Ixora Azura said...

    hi there..

    thanks so much for sharing this valuable info.if it's not bcoz u promoting this hotel, i wouldn't know where to find a good accommodation at there..:)

  8. Anonymous said...

    is it clear? if u know what i mean

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