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Char Sago

Char Sago - Fried Sago.
This special food i only saw at Lebuh Cecil Market (Penang 7th Road, 七条路).
I went back to my hometown at Penang and my mum cook for me this dish. My mum love to try to cook new dish and she never gave up. If first time she cooked the food fail, she will try and try again until it success.
First of all, you need to put the sago into water for few hours to make the sago become soft.
Ingredients you need:
1. Sago
2. Dried Shrimp (har mai)
3. Bean Sprout (tauge)
4. Chili (sambal)

If you wish to add in big prawn, squid or others you can do so but this is the traditional way to cook it.

After the sago become soft, make it round and squeeze it flat then put in a boil water to cook first until you see the sago become transparent, then put it in a water to let it cool down.

After the sago cool down, then it's time for you to use scissor to cut it into small pieces.

Place the sago you have cut into small piece in a bowl and add in the dark soy sauce and mix it before you start cooking.

Put some oil, put in the dried shrimp, add in chili (sambal), sago then lastly the bean sprout (tauge), add in some salt to taste and start stir it until it cooked. If you prefer darker then add in more dark soy sauce.

The taste is like Char Koay Kak but Sago is more chewy when you bite and the taste is so delicious.


  1. Anonymous said...

    wow...i never try this before. looks something special. Is it only sell at penang?

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