I aSk YoU tO TrY

oUt oF dIfFiCuLtiEs , mAkEs MiRacLes

aBoUt LiFe

The most important things to do in the world are to get something to eat, something to drink and somebody to love you.


A friend is never a coincidence in your life, they are meant to enter your life to share the sadness and to bring you joy and laughter

Kek Lok Si

This trip I went back to my hometown in Penang for my friend wedding. The next day, I bring Teris to Kek Lok Si Temple.She ask me, you can go to temple meh? You are christian wor. I reply her why not? Let's go...

Penang bridge is in a mess now because they extend the bridge from two lane to three lane.

Kek Lok Si Temple.

Teris feeding the ninja turtle with kang kung.

While she pray, of course i didn't pray.Just wait for her lo.

This is also my 1st time to take the 1st Inclined Lift in Malaysia at Kek Lok Si Temple.One time only allowed 6 person.

Took this photo from one of the ceiling inside the temple.The design is so details.

I born in the year of monkey according to chinese believe.But I think, I'm the fat monkey..hahaha...

Teris born in the year of Tiger.Wah the right hand side Tiger look so fierce.

After visit Kek Lok Si Temple, We go to buy Penang Famous Tambun Biscuit and you see this hungry Teris trying to bite the replica biscuit


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