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Kueh Chap (粿汁)

Penang Kueh Chap (粿汁)

Wah Meng Cafe
82D, Jalan Paya Terubong, Air Itam 11500,
Penang (Air Itam wet market)

This is one of the Famous Kueh Chap at Air Itam, Penang near the wet market. It is in Wah Meng Cafe.
This stall operate more than 20 years and it might be older than me if i not mistaken.

Kueh Chap is something like the characteristics of both pan mee and hor fun but it is a little bit chewy with different texture. You can see the "Kueh" go round shape after it cooks.

Kueh Chap is serve with duck meat, coagulated blood, innards, and egg. Koay Chap soup is darkish in color.

Koay Chap is make from flour. When the Kueh is cook using the boiling water, they will use some of the water to mix with the gravy and it is ready to serve by adding the duck meat, coagulated blood, innards, and egg.

This is the dish you must try when you at Penang.


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