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Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort & Spa

Last week, we was invited for a tour and lunch to Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort & Spa. This trip is arrange by Christie & Prasert who completed the project under Fella Interior. Thanks for the tours and you guys did a good job for the project.

First batch to arrive there from left DC Ong, KC Yu, Christie, Prasert, Mr.Ching, Mr.Rafael & me (camera man)

The weather was great and it's super hot with blue sky.

First stop at the sales office and the sales personnel explain to us the selling price and the new project coming up nearby the resort.

The design of this resort is a shape of Palm Tree if you view from the top. The distance from the front office to the chalet which is the most far away one is 1.3km... No worry, there is buggy to send you to the room.

While waiting for other colleagues, we walk around and took some photo.

Mr.Ching with the resort at the back.

I'm so tanned already and with this kind of weather, I'm going to be ah neh neh liao :(

From left Sally, Jenny & Siew Lee.

Me with Christie. She is the one that lead her team for this project.

What is Kc thinking? Is he intrested to come for open room? hahahaha....

As a camera man of course my photo is less lo .....sob sob.. but i enjoy taking photo : )

Sunglasses, black polo tee, blue jeans looks like couple huh? Don't misunderstand, she is my big sister in office. Kc drinking more than 2 glasses of the juice d i think...

All of us non stop taking the photo.

Oh man. this view is so relax. Just imagine got cold cold heineken and sweet sweet waitress and cute cute girls with sexy sexy bikini......phewwww yitttttt. (don't dream in the day time la. get back to WORK now)

Now we heading to the room and see the interior. So hot leh...where is the buggy??

Canary Palm Villa
RM1,620 per night
Measuring 82sqm, the spacious Canary Palm Villa is raised on stilts and features four fixture marble bathrooms, a lounge with a queen sized bed, a twin bed and a roomy living area.

Canary Palm Villa accommodates 4 Adults OR 2 Adults + 2 Children

Ivory Palm Villa
RM1,820 per night.
Measuring 122sqm with 2 separate bedrooms, a spacious marble bathroom with a sunken bathtub, walk-in wardrobe and a lounge. It's wide balcony offers an uninterrupted view of the sea.

accommodates 5 Adults OR 3 Adults + 3 Children OR 4 Adults + 2 Children

I like this the most because of the balcony and the design. They told us that one of the guest book this chalet and they come with around 30 pax and later the hotel staff have to come to the chalet and send them out.. pity huh? That is the rules ma..

Royale Palm Villas.
RM3,160 per night.
Measure 232sqm and feature 3 bedrooms, a spacious terrace and an ocean front view.

Royal Palm Villa accommodates 6 Adults OR 3 Adults + 3 Children OR 4 Adults + 2 children.

Ok guys, now it's time to go for our lunch. Let's go.

Swimming pool and top floor is the restaurant and spa.

This photo and the angle looks like a poster.

View from the 1st floor near the spa.

Nice view with blue sky and and and there is a girl in bikini le...

View outside the spa.

I like sea, i like water, i like holiday, i like here, i like the room, i like the balcony but i like my money more so don't ask me to come here unless you pay for it.

Escapade Spa

As the name suggests, Escapade Spa is an escape with an adventure. A perfect finish to exciting, adventure filled days, and a perfect start towards body pampering holidays. Escapade Spa is a journey for those seeking inner tranquility and external radiance. A soothing relief from frenetic lifestyles, Escapade Spa offers holistic signature therapies, carefully blending traditional practices from different ethnic cultures in Malaysia.

Group photo.. where is melvyn? oh i'm holding the camera : )

We had our lunch at "Hai Sang Lou"
The Mandarin translation for Hai Sang Lou is “above the sea”, this premise conjures a mystical aura of natural elements that come together in buoyant elegance. Hai Sang Lou is complemented with a variety of table setting, ideal for any type of business meeting enhanced with fine dining setting.

Hai Sang Lou opens daily :
Tuesday to Friday 11.00am to 2.30pm
5.00pm to 10.00pm

Saturday, Sunday and PH 9.30am to 2.30pm
5.00pm to 10.00pm

Lunch time with the long dining table. During lunch all become so quiet perhaps too hungry?

Hai Sang Lou Dim Sum combination.

Double boiled arrowroot chicken soup.

Steamed cod with preserved vegetable. I love cod fish and the fish is so fresh.

Hong Kong style ming prawn and yam cube with butter cream sauce. My favourite. Don't eat too much prawn, later become big head prawn (tai tau har)

Treasure seafood wrapped in beancurd skin with superior stock.

Chef's special fried rice served in tomato. I wish they served it in 2 portion...hahahaha

Chilled double-boiled pear with king's tea accompany with baked egg tart.

The tours and the lunch was awesome. Thanks for the wonderful trip and I enjoy the food.

Ok guys, It's time to check out.

Info taken from Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort & Spa Please visit the website for more info and room reservation.

Golden Palm Tree
Resort & Spa Sdn Bhd (637783-W)
No. 67, Jalan Pantai Bagan Lalang,
Kg Bagan Lalang,
43950 Sungai Pelek,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia


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