I aSk YoU tO TrY

oUt oF dIfFiCuLtiEs , mAkEs MiRacLes

aBoUt LiFe

The most important things to do in the world are to get something to eat, something to drink and somebody to love you.


A friend is never a coincidence in your life, they are meant to enter your life to share the sadness and to bring you joy and laughter


Do you believe in true LOVE? For a couple who just fall in love with each other will really enjoy each other company. LOVE to them is so hard to describe because when we love someone that is just the feel of LOVE and fate. Sometimes friends or family will ask us you love him/her because of what? We do not need a reason to LOVE someone because LOVE comes naturally.

When starts dating that time, guys always do the special things for the girls like open the car door for the gals, call her few times in a day just to say I MISS YOU, always plan where to bring her go on weekends or holiday but it seems like all this thing will be different after few years of dating. This happen because lack of communication. Guys & Gals please don’t take for granted all the things that had been done from your love ones

For couple please don’t keep on complaining your loves ones. You should thank and appreciate all the things that your love ones done for you. To me, if the guys really love you and think about the future, the guys will plan the future. Guys will work harder to earn more money and will be busy with work but if the girlfriend doesn’t understand you, you should explain to her. Don’t wait until your relationship become sour and that is too late for you to say anything.

Time pass by and it already one year but the memory of her always flash in my head especially when I come back to Penang. Sometimes when I go to the place that I went with her before and I would think about the time when we were together. Even when I order food to eat I will think about what she likes and dislikes. When I order Hokkien Mee I know she would love to have extra prawn and chili.

Sometimes I just imagine the time when I was with her. I can feel her beautiful eyes, sexy lips, her sweet voice and the caring. But what ever past is past and I need to look forward as my life goes on. She really mean a lot to me but if you really love someone, we also hope that she would be healthy and live happily no matter with who. Sometimes love doesn’t mean we need to be together with the person we love but at least we have gone thru the time with her and still keep the sweet memory.


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