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Mien Kam

I was at Alor Setar for some work and they bought this thai appetizer for me. They call it Mien Kam in thai. I ate this before and when the first time I try, I thought that this is Daun Sirih but I'm wrong. It is call Daun Kaduk.

The packing is like a set lunch.

So many things in this pack.

Last time they ask me to try but I was like....errrr...don wan la because the looks is funny and I think the taste also not so nice la.But I'm reminding you...don't judge the books by its cover.

All pack in small plastic.

There are total 9 ingredients in this pack including the Daun Kaduk. Like buffet style..hmmm

This is Daun Kaduk and it act like your plate.

Put all the ingredients in the Daun Kaduk.If you don't like the ginger (halia) you no need to put in. For me, I will put everything in then only will know the taste.

Wrap it nicely and you are going to enjoy it.

This is how it looks like when you wrap the whole thing.

Fazril is the 1st timer to try this.

Me: cuba ini. best tau. memang sedapppp...
Fazril: tak mau la. apa ni benda? peliklah.
Me: makanlah. apa mau takut? tak mati punya. cuba cuba then baru u tau..
Fazril: oklah.
Fazril: FUIYOH....bestla ni. nampak pelik tapi bila kunyah dalam mulut....tak tau cakapla.
Fazril: eh..ini mana beli? saya mau beli balik penang la. sedaaapppp betul..
Me: tadi kata tak mau, sekarang nak tapau pulak..
Fazril: apa boleh buat?? memang satu makanan yang pelik tapi sedap rasanya.

I enjoy eating this. The taste is like abit sour, sweet, spicy and crunchy.

This can keep in fridge but not too long because it will not fresh.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Hey bro melvyn, dont lar post so nice punya food, i nak start diet d, tummy reduction plan seems not working lar...

    ~aaron chen~

  2. melvyn said...

    no worry, this thai appetizer help your body to clean all the body fat...hahaha

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