I aSk YoU tO TrY

oUt oF dIfFiCuLtiEs , mAkEs MiRacLes

aBoUt LiFe

The most important things to do in the world are to get something to eat, something to drink and somebody to love you.


A friend is never a coincidence in your life, they are meant to enter your life to share the sadness and to bring you joy and laughter

Pangkor Trip

RM29 per person day trip to Pulau Pangkor

After we attend our friend's wedding dinner at Ayer Tawar, we proceed to Pulau Pangkor the next day morning. Most of us still blur blur due to last nite too many beer & whisky.
We went to Pangkor for day trip only. We rent one car and one motorbike cost us RM70, Seafood lunch, ferry ticket and it only cost us each person RM29.. but for Kelven, he need to pay extra RM3 because the motorbike run out of fuel.

At terminal jetty

looks sweety...the airplane is moving backward...

See this 3 guys, they still thinking of last nite that they keep on yam seng till most of us feel drunk and tipsy.

We want more beers....hahaha

There are 7 of us and when we reach there, we rent a car RM50 and a motorbike RM20 till late afternoon. When Kelven take the motorbike, he open up the fuel tank and check then he found out that the fuel almost finish. Then he call the guy who rent us the motorbike and tell him there is no more fuel inside the tank. As a good customer service, the guy change another motorbike for them then they feel so happy and just drove to the restoran we plan but half way, the motobike engine stop and when they open up the fuel tank, the fuel is totally dry and we keep on laughing when we saw them stop at road side.
Lesson learn : "Whatever you do, please do double checking"

We have our lunch at Restoran Pangkor Fook Kee.

We ordered total 5 dishes. The food taste is good.

Hungry faces are Wilson, Kelven, Aaron, Melvyn (me), Teris, Patrik & Ian..

This shows what??

After lunch we went to shopping for some local delicacies. We bought alot of the satay ikan and others.
We even trying to pull down the octopus because we know this octopus is PAUL best friend's....hahaha...

Trying to pose the stupid pose...

Kampung style titanic and 3 monkey jumping..

Me & Teris

Shall I call this Black Eyes Peace??

The weather is so hot and we stop by for some ABC...cooooollll..

My shoot

I like this few photo. Thanks to Ian..

Some funny pose on the boat while on the way back.



  1. Kelven said...

    Bro, good job!!! this is really good for old people like us that cant remember things.....keep it up!!!

  2. melvyn said...

    Thanks Kelven for reading..yous still young ma..

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