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Haven Restaurant

Haven Restaurant @ Look Out Point, Jalan Ampang - Hulu Langat

GPS Coordinate : N 03° 07.777' E 101° 47.680'

This trip I went there to check out Cope Adventure for our company team building. After the survey, we went up to the hill not far from the Cope Adventure to check what restaurant they have. There are few restaurant in a row facing the KL view and we went to this Haven Restaurant.

We went there for lunch and I order nasi lemak.

Ribena Fizz

Interior of the restaurant.

Can see the whole KL view from the restaurant. I guess at night will be very beautiful with all the lighting.

There are 4-5 restaurant beside and the food is different.


  1. Anonymous said...

    is those food expensive?
    For sure the night view is niCe...
    oh... i wanna go... someone pls bring me there....

  2. melvyn said...

    I think at night will be very nice view with all the lights.

    Food price reasonable.

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