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Kuih Kapit - Love Letter Biscuit

The MaKinG oF kUiH KaPit ( Love Letter Biscuit )

Love letter or more commonly known as "Kuih Kapit" in Malaysia.has become one of the festival biscuit during Chinese New Year's celebration.

I'm going to show you the process of making Kuih Kapit.Firstly the most important part is all the ingredients. Good ingredients will make the kuih kapit more delicious and good fragrance.

The process of making love letter is, firstly mix the wheat flour, sugar and eggs in the big bowl then add in the coconut milk and stir until well.

Egg is very important and if you (kiam siap) stingy and only put few egg to save cost then you better don't do because the taste will be different.

Mixing of flour.

Add in FRESH coconut milk.

Kuih Kapit need sugar as well.

Stir and mix the flour.

It's time to BREAK the eggs.

Add in the eggs into the bowl.

Can you see got how many eggs? Good and accurate ingredient is very important. Remember not to be stingy in the ingredient.

Use strainer to mix the whole thing again to ensure all ingredients are mix well.

This is how it looks like after all the ingredient mix well.

Stainless steel top to use for folding the kuih kapit.

Kuih Kapit mould which is being use for more than 15 years but still in good condition if you kept and clean it well.

New stove using gas rather than charcoal. But the taste is still the same when good and accurate ingredients being use.

This stove is custom made which the mould fit on top and the fire runs and heat equally. Made of stainless steel. New idea and I personally hope one day we can invent the Kuih Kapit machine maker which can produce more and time saving.

Kuih Kapit mould.

Pour a ladleful of batter onto the mould, close it and bake until it turns into goldish color and in between you need to turn the mould to get the balance of the colour when it cook.

When the kuih kapit turns to goldish colour then remove it from the mould.

Immediately fold into quarter (triangle shape) before it gets cool.

Folding part is very important also to make sure when you stack the kuih kapit inside the tin or container, it will stack nicely and firmly.This part is not easy because you have to make sure you won't press one side when you fold. Can you see the kuih kapit fold nicely?

After fold, need to put aside for awhile before you stack inside the tin or container.

This is the right way to stack the kuih kapit in this type of container.

After the container full, it needs to be tighten the cover and use tape to make sure there is no room for air to go in.This type of packing, if you leave it in the ants area and i guarantee there will be no room for the ants to go in.

Every container or tin of kuih kapit, there will be 100pcs exactly not more or less..
This is traditional requirement but nowadays if you buy outside, it won't be 100 pcs anymore. You can ask your mum or grandma and they will know.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Tangan dah cuci belum? Adoi...nanti sakit perut la ~ Haha...

  2. Anonymous said...

    Wah, biar betul guna gas untuk buat kuih kapit?? gas beracun la ...

    can cause cancer, cause food absorbs the gas released during the burning process...

  3. Anonymous said...

    if got nothing good to say , then dont say it lah!!

    I thought it was a very informative blog .

  4. Shu Ching Ee said...

    hi, i stay at Perak. im impressed with your custom made kuih kapit machine which made the whole process a lot more easier and less tiring.

    Can i know how much is the machine and where can i order one for home use purposes not for bussiness use purposes?

    thank you.

  5. Anonymous said...

    WOW ! This is an amazing secret recipe to Kuih Sepit. Simple and detailed explanation on how to do it. But where to buy the mould...I wonder...

    Anyways, here is a little something for me to share with you. How about flying over to Sarawak and see if you can get hold of some secret recipe to Sarawak food.


  6. Anonymous said...

    Also visit my blog post - cordyceps sinensis

  7. Anonymous said...

    Very nice pictures and steps by steps making of Kueh kapit. Kindly share the recipe to my email: grbutfly39@yahoo.com
    Thank you.

  8. Anonymous said...

    Apahal Yob...resepi kata wheat flour tapi masa tuang tepung gambar tepung beras....nak nipu pun bior bebenor...

  9. Anonymous said...


    love your site.
    Can you share your recipe for the Kueh Kapit? My e/m address is


    I have an old pizzelle machine that I think would work. Big thanks in advance. Cathy

  10. Unknown said...

    Hi , I am originally from Brunei but now residing in US for over 30 years. I an looking for the mold for making kueh kapit. Do anyone know where I can buy them? You can email me michael101057@yahoo.com I would appreciate your help. Thank you

  11. Michael Ang said...

    Hi , I am originally from Brunei but now residing in US for over 30 years. I an looking for the mold for making kueh kapit. Do anyone know where I can buy them? You can email me michael101057@yahoo.com I would appreciate your help. Thank you

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