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Vegetable Pau

Kedai Kopi Shin Lok
Jalan Kapar, Batu 15, Klang.

This shop is the same row with petronas petrol station which is nearby. My friend brought me to this shop after we finish meeting with supplier. I'm not familiar with the area and its quiet far for me if I have to travel from Subang Jaya.

If you see this kind of shop what is in your mind? Chinese kopi tiam am I right? I feel that too but when we went inside, I saw malay, indian and chinese customer and I was like ????? how come? inside the shop got nasi campur, roti canai and got masakan panas as well.

Then I think this shop should be halal thats why can see so many races having food here. I think I should consider open a coffee shop or restaurant by the name of 1 Restaurant or 1 kopitiam which serve halal and different type of food so that customer got more choice to choose. wat do you think??

We order two vege pau and 2 wu kok.

Can see inside got so many vege and some more got egg compare to normal vege pau, the skin is thick and the vege is very little.

Wu Kok and I tell you honestly, the taste is normal and i feel that the skin is too thick and i don't like it. The only plus point for this is when they serve it, the wu kok still hot.
To me "BO HO CIAK" but I saw alot of people buy also.

Price list and I personally feel the price is reasonable and to me is cheap because I use to buy at Subang area and it cost RM1.20 for one vege pau and the size is smaller than this one.

When I was there, I notice alot of customer come and buy then take away. I saw two customer take away alot of pau in a plastic and I guess it is more than 30 nos..
Remember when you go to this shop, you must try the vege pau. Others pau not really nice. I try the curry chicken and chicken pau also so so nia.

I aSk YoU tO TrY then Go aNd tRy La, dOn'T AlwaYs sEE OnLy....oK Bo ???


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  2. Anonymous said...

    i try the vegetable pao d. Ya, it's really nice.. *Tumb Up* (:

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