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Free Modem

Yesterday I finally decided to sign up for the maxis broadband at Sunway Pyramid. The reason I choose maxis is they got wider coverage area and they have the promotion now for free modem. I choose the broadband package 3.0GB at RM68 per month with free modem. Their normal price is RM108. I did not choose digi because my house area do not have the coverage and their package is RM88 per month.

I pay RM150 for the upfront and will divide to 5 months and it comes to RM30 per month. I sign up for RM68 per month so for the first 5 months i only need to pay RM38. They told me within 24hours they will activate the broadband. I sign up yesterday 8pm and this morning I wake up at 8.30am and the maxis broadband is activated.

They told me within 7days if I not happy with the connection, I can return back to them and they will give me back the full refund. The connection is good and better than P1 wimax but I not sure after 7days the trial period, the connection will slow down or not.Another good part of maxis broadband is no contract base and if you cancel, you do not need to pay extra. Is like you use, you pay.

The modem is made from china and without the maxis logo but I don't care as long the connection is good and fast. For those who wish to sign up for maxis broadband, I suggest you go to the maxis centre at Sunway Pyramid. Their service is good and friendly and they have the stock for the modem.

Now I can connect to internet anytime anywhere....


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