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Pak Su Seafood Restaurant

GPS Coordinate : N 03° 52.554' E 103° 21.991'
For further information check this out Pak Su Seafood

This trip i went with my colleague for some work task at kuantan and in the evening, we went to this Pak Su Restaurant to try out the food. If I not mistaken, I went to this restaurant before 2-3 years back.This restaurant is quiet famous in Kuantan.
You can see the signboard beside the main road Jalan Beserah if you heading to Kuantan port before the Swiss Garden Hotel.

First dish you must not forget to order this Famous Pak Su Stuffed Crab 老叔釀蚧. It cost RM6 per piece.Inside got the crab meat and other mixture.

Fried Prawn Vietnamese Style 浦汁虾 . The taste is like sweet + spicy

Sweet Potato Leaves (Garlic)番薯苗. This is normal. Nothing to shout at.
We order one plate of Pak Su Fried Noodle (Gravy) House Specialty 招牌面 & Fried Rice With Dry Scallop 干贝炒饭

They do have Baked Canada Oyster With Cheese (Min 6pcs) 芝士焗生蚝 , choices of fish as the waiter recommend me sou mei. It is a very expensive fish where you only can find in East Malaysia.They selling about RM65 for the portion of two person. We wanted to try but only two of us and we might not able to finish the food. Maybe next time with more people then we can order more dish.

This is sou mei fish. Picture from internet.It is a very expensive and rare fish and it can catch up to RM200-300 per kg if i not mistaken

Me enjoying Famous Pak Su Stuffed Crab with some beer would just be the best combination...hahaha

JJ enjoying the food and got some nice sea view.

Before and After. All the food clear. yummy...

Total bill came to RM55 for 2 person, 5 dishes. The price is reasonable.


  1. Wallens said...

    Haha.. Me again.. eat with me, sure delicious... As you can see the dish is "CLEAN"... Erm.. next time must bring All the Bro and Sis go there.. "Makan, Makan, Makan.... "

  2. melvyn said...

    more people would be good. then we can order more dish to try

  3. Anonymous said...

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  4. elise ng said...

    Worst attitude lady boss i've ever seen.... food is not all that good & pricey... ... the restaurant has very bad set up, it give you unpleasant experience with strong wind kept blowing at your face.. & especially when it rains, water is all over the place .. the floor was so slippery, a kid fall down .. i swear i'll never go there again !!!

  5. Anonymous said...

    Went to Pak Su restorant on 2 July 2012. The service is bad and the food
    that they serve is very slow. The first dish that came out is the vegetables and
    tofu came out 20 minutes later and etc. We almost finished our rice while waiting for the rest of the dish to be out. Not much customer at that time
    and probably 5 tables but yet the service is poor and slow. The bill is expensive
    and not really value for money. I will not recommended this place for sea food in Kuantan.

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