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Red Wine Chicken

GPS Coordinate : N 04° 12.678' E 100° 41.824'

1, Taman Lekir Baru, Jalan Raja Omar,
32000 Sitiawan, Perak
Tel:05-691 0253, 692 6951

Sitiawan, Perak is famous for Bird Nest (swifts birds). Other than this, the red wine chicken is famous too. I try before few places red wine chicken but the taste is not there. At Setiawan, you will have the chance to try out their famous red wine chicken. I was assign for few days task at setiawan but I not really familiar where got nice food to eat.

After been alone and suffer for 2 days eating the mamak food, finally my colleague came back to his hometown in Ipoh. He drive to Setiawan to meet me and he bring me to this restaurant. Thanks Aaron..
This restaurant is located along the CIMB bank shoplot. Not hard to find.

This is their chef recommend special pork ribs. The taste is sweet & abit sour and you must eat while the food is hot. After the food cool, it is like abit sticky. RM15 for 2 person portion.

Fried Oyster. When the food is serve, I was like ARRRR....look not nice but after I tried, the taste is good as from outside a little bit crunchy but inside is soft and the oyster is inside.RM12 for 2 person portion

Stir fried Choy Tam (baby cabage). RM6

Red Wine Chicken. The famous dish in any Fook Chau Restaurant. The Red Wine, they do and mix their own and got many many rules to follow. Alot of pantang larang during the process and if they didn't follow, the whole Red Wine cannot use and have to throw away. RM15 for 2 person portion.

Red Wine Chicken of course got chicken meat inside. I eat alot especially the soup is so delicious. Don't worry, you won't get drunk.

Four dish with a pot of tea cost us RM55. The price is not really expensive.

When you got chance to go Setiawan, go and try the Famous Red Wine Chicken. You won't regret.


  1. Anonymous said...

    nOt fair.... =@
    y everytime u go try nice food never bring me.. pity me eat maggie mee at home only.. so sad.. =(

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